Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces come together to created an image, don’t they? Although, what kind of image is created In the most literal sense is our choice as we purchase the puzzle box already knowing what image we chose to piece together, but in life it’s more of a mystery what image we create. Many of us … More Puzzle Pieces

Diary entry?

Have you ever felt not like yourself for a long while and didn’t quite understand as to what the reason behind it is? Well, that was me for the last week. I had mood swings all the time, I just felt weak as a person and like I couldn’t do anything right. I have been … More Diary entry?


Sometimes making a move or a change is needed. I think that all of us at some stage in life feel like things are good like things are right. Even though it feels good I think it’s important to implement change as only that way we will keep ourselves entertained, change can make us feel … More Change.

The Idea.

I feel like sometimes we feel like we search for something for a very long time but when we get it, it’s not what we want anymore. On many occasions, I have built myself up about something I really wanted but when I got it, it just felt ‘ok’ rather than being as great as … More The Idea.